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Snake Print Hoop Earrings [YOU NEED TO HAVE THESE]

Snake Print Hoop Earrings [YOU NEED TO HAVE THESE]

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The Snake Print Hoop Earrings are your perfect ‘weapon’ for a legendary night-out with your friends! Be the Queen that we both know you are and be ready to stand out and to light up the evening with this timeless design with perfectly inlaid zircon stones (cut to perfection), which will complement and add a spark to any trendy outfit (for any occasion!). The rose gold hoop earrings will suit perfectly to any skin tone and even though they are sooo beautiful, they won’t steal the show by themselves, instead, they will only put you in the best light possible, highlighting your beauty and gorgeous personality. Why wear boring jewelry, worn by everyone and which you can find anywhere? The time for that is long gone and with these Snake Print Hoop Earrings you will be setting the right vibes for the entire night. You will not only get a confidence boost, your friends are going to be wow-ed by this outstanding pair of earrings and are going to want in on the fun, but hey, sharing is caring, right?
The Snake Print Hoop Earrings are the result of outstanding craftsmanship, flawless design and are made with diamond-like perfectly cut zircon stones. The zircon stones come in white and black, and each piece of zircon is individually polished and inlaid by hand making it a great quality piece of jewelry that sets itself apart from other accessories exactly through this special care, love and respect towards you as a customer in the first place and towards the strong principle of creating a well-rounded product. The diameter of the earrings is 1.1 inches wide and believe it or not, they are sooo comfortable to wear. You won’t even notice them, shining alongside you through the day and through the night.
Although the quality is undeniable, in order to prolong the longevity of the Snake Print Hoop Earrings we do recommend avoiding the contact with water or sweat (we can’t imagine you will go jogging with them either), avoid any chemicals such as cleaning materials and take them off while sleeping to avoid any damages, both to you and the earrings. In order to clean them, we recommend you use a soft cloth.
FREE SHIPPING! Please allow 2 to 4 weeks shipping time for this pair of gorgeous earrings, as the demand is high (thank God!).

...psssst...YOU NEED TO HAVE THESE...we can already hear your friends asking where you got them from! :)

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